It all started with a bowl cozy.

I’ll bet you’re thinking,

“What does that mean?”

No really, let’s go back to the beginning. I have enjoyed crafting and sewing since I was young when I learned from my Home-Economics teacher and my grandmother (Oh boy, now I am dating myself), but my love for sewing was rekindled during the 2020 Pandemic when I decided to make masks and donate them to the local church, and this evolved into me selling some to neighbors, and friends.

One day a friend/co-worker asked me if I knew how to make a bowl cozy. Not knowing what a bowl cozy was I looked it up on YouTube and decided to try making one. It turned out pretty good, so I made another and gave it to her. This turned into me searching YouTube for other sewing ideas and I happened to find a video of an English Lady making a Tote Bag and I decided to make one. That also turned out pretty good and people began asking me to make one for them. One thing led to another and as my confidence increased so did my technics and skills in bag making.

Then the dreams, ambitions, and goals for a small business of making handbag began. Grama Jeanie’s Creations was officially established in September of 2020. I have made and sold numerous handbags, wallets pouches and accessories throughout this time and have even been in a few craft shows. My business has gone from having a heavy-duty Janome HD3000 sewing machine to just four months ago buying an Industrial machine. All items excluding handbag hardware are handmade by me with Love, and I hope that you enjoy the items you purchase as much as I have Loved making them for you.